The Start-Up Revolution

There’s something new in the air. Not just a wind-shift, but a mind-shift.

While pundits debate whether social media brings us closer or drives us apart, the spirit of free-enterprise hasn’t stopped to talk. Instead, regular people—people like you and me—have grabbed the opportunity and the reigns of our own lives, creating a ground swell of private businesses and economic reform. This entrepreneur groundswell is not just influencing today’s commerce. It’s creating it, with E-Commerce expected to cross a $1.4 trillion threshold by 2015. Yes, a lot of this commerce is big business. But plenty of people–from 18 to 80–are jumping in feet first.

The ABC’s of today’s success are simple:

  1. A good idea
  2. Brilliant online and social media marketing
  3. Consistent delivery

The A & C have been around forever. It’s the “B” that is new. Online marketing and social media are not a type of marketing. They ARE marketing. And they are uniquely responsible for not just selling products, but for the spread of information, innovation, promise and hope.

Information circles the globe today with unprecedented velocity, and it’s changing the way the game is played. Information that the eco-system is perched on the verge of collapse has spawned a new solution-driven business mindset. Green is no longer a political party. It’s a planetary necessity. Easier funding, microfinancing and the resurgence of old-time values like gratitude and generosity has inspired a community of mentor-preneurs dedicated to giving back. And commerce driven by social causes and conscience has grown its own name: Social-Preneurism.

We live in exciting times. And SMART WOMEN INTERNATIONAL is thrilled to be a part of the shapers and makers, leading the way. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to “The Start-Up Revolution”—

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