From Shoppers to Shapers

There are two things women do a lot of: shop and talk! And for decades, men have been trying to get us to do less of both!

Finally, our natural talents are being seen as assets in today’s marketplace. When social media exploded in 2007, word of mouth once again became the strongest marketing tool. Overnight, women were suddenly recognized as the largest and most important buying demographic. The result? Regardless of race, color or creed—women define today’s market place.

SMART is proud to be ahead of the curve. Through our online resources, training seminars and global summits—created especially for women—you’ll move from shoppers to shapers. You’ll find the inspiration and community, the practical tools and hands-on training to take your vision from:

  • Concept to
  • Financial viability to
  • Production to the
  • Global market place.

SMART training brings you new ways of looking at yourself and your world. We shorten the learning curve and save you time, energy and costly mistakes. And using our unique “5-C’s Business Model” you’ll learn how to do what you most love, grow business revenues and further a worthy cause—all at once. Last but not least, SMART events are dedicated to building communities. You’ll find the mentors, professional affiliations and strategic alliances that will put you on track and your product on the map.

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