Susan Dane Setin - Founder

Susan began her career as an international tour director, taking 250 Americans abroad every week! Soon she was designing and producing large corporate events—eventually working with more than 20,000 people in over 30 countries. She managed budgets in the $3 million range and supervised teams throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Africa and South America. She learned so much from different cultures all over the world and discovered without a doubt, the commonality that makes us one.

In her early 30s, Susan faced severe health and financial challenges when she found herself raising her 10-month-old son alone with no child support. It was a time of deep spiritual study that eventually led to a successful career in healing and counseling. During these years, she wrote for the Christian Science Monitor international newspaper, was interviewed regularly on radio, gave workshops on genuine spirituality and began an extensive speaking career in the US and abroad. For Susan, spirituality has always been about giving people the practical tools to solve every kind of problem that life throws at us.

Internationally published and fluent in French, Spanish and Portuguese, Susan is known for her integrity, dynamic thinking and hands-on business know how. She recently founded S.M.A.R.T. WOMEN INTERNATIONAL to help change the global marketplace by bringing transformational and entrepreneurial training to women (and men) worldwide.


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